Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a great solution to replace missing teeth. To do this, existing teeth are used to create a bridge across the missing tooth. Dental bridges are made from gold, metal, alloys, or porcelain to ensure that they are strong and durable.

The process of creating a bridge is started by shaping abutments out of existing teeth where the bridge will be attached. After the abutments have been shaped, a mold of the area is taken to be sent to a dental lab. The lab then creates a bridge that fits properly and feels as close to your natural teeth as possible. The bridge consists of two crowns on either end and pontics in between. A pontic is the new tooth that replaces the missing tooth.

A temporary bridge will be fitted while we wait for the lab to craft the permanent bridge. This is done to protect the abutments and the exposed gum areas. After 2-3 weeks, the permanent bridge will be ready for placement. During this appointment, the permanent bridge will be placed on the abutments and set with a dental adhesive.

The bridge may take some time to get used to, but after a few days it should feel like normal. We recommend eating soft food for the first few days after treatment. A regular diet can be resumed after the initial phase.

Having missing teeth can cause structural changes to the mouth and jaw. If you are missing a tooth, you should strongly consider having it replaced.

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